Exclusive collection of hand-painted artworks by Frank Wagtmans. Fine art on canvas. Ranging from colourful and exuberant to subdued paintings. All paintings are 100% hand-painted. Only one copy exists of every painting!

Wagtmans' paintings demonstrate a wonderful use of colour, and each painting has a surprise in store. Sometimes they're a bit romantic, other times they are more exuberant — but every time is a surprise. Women's faces are one of Wagtmans' main inspirations. Beautiful, refined faces with closed eyes. Elegant beauties with clothing that features every colour in the rainbow. And, indeed, that jewellery is often handmade with real love for the craft. Wagtmans generally paints large-scale portraits of women. Neither the artist nor the quality of the artwork is the decisive factor of the painting, but the portrait's own expressive power. Large paintings, portraits of women with special textures and a thick structural layer. In terms of colour and style, Wagtmans' work has a modern look, and he puts his own spin on different relief techniques.

Over the centuries, women have been an important subject for artists. With his portraits, Wagtmans tries to make the unrecognisable recognisable, to make the interior evident on the outside. The portrait is a frozen moment in time in which Wagtmans creates the hint of a hidden world that contains differing emotions. He translates the perception of that moment and the conceptualisation of the painting's subject directly onto the canvas. His paintings can be recognised by their strong use of relief, in which he literally 'layers' his canvases. Acrylic paint in combination with various other materials always creates an exciting effect. The portraits have surprising details due to Wagtmans' use of mixed techniques. The paintings' nuanced colours and clean and soft lines make the portraits come to life.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items

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