Behind The Indian Veil 

The 'Behind The Indian Veil' series is inspired by the magical '1001 nights' weddings that take place in India, with the beautiful brides as their high point. Behind the veil of reality is a world of hidden beauty, which is sometimes revealed. It is the painter's skills, however, that can reveal this hidden beauty and make it accessible to us.

In India, the brides shine brilliantly in their beautiful saris and gold jewellery. The wedding day is pure magic. It signifies the start of a new life. Indian weddings are a true visual feast. The bride shows up in a beautiful, coloured silk sari and beautiful jewellery around her neck, arms and on her head. The bridal make-up accentuates the Indian woman's beauty.

The series includes exclusive modern paintings with very nice relief that uses the most refined materials, thick paint structure and tight composition in beautiful colours. It's a unique collection of the most beautiful portraits that have an Eastern touch. Wagtmans loves to experiment with different techniques. Wagtmans' portraits are ultra-modern, and they are characterised by beauty and elegance and thickly textured layers. In his portraits, Frank emphasises the skin and eyes, which are further enhanced by the beautiful background. Sentimentality and romanticism are the key words when it comes to the atmosphere of his portraits. Beauty and simplicity, a dream-like quality and soft and subtle tones give the viewer the feeling that there is an elusive mystery behind the painting. Wagtmans knows how to bring the paint — the colour the and substance — to life. Using thick acrylic paint, he engages in a game of paint and light. Soft, flowing lines blend together on the canvas. His brush strokes and coloured areas generate subtle references to beauty. Frank focuses on the atmosphere, the feeling and the emotion. And he paints just enough detail to give the viewer an impression of the moment. But in his work, Frank provides plenty of space for the viewer's own imagination and interpretation.

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