Painting of a Chinese Woman

Hand-painted painting of a Chinese Woman

Hand-painted portrait of a Chinese woman
Hand-painted portrait of a Chinese woman.



Enter the serene world of this beautifully hand-painted portrait, where a graceful Chinese lady, dressed in a classic black and white kimono, shines against a background of lush natural tones. Measuring 150x100 cm, this artwork exudes timeless harmony, anchored in the deeply rooted aesthetic of Chinese culture.

An enchanting hand-painted portrait, completely unique in its appearance, that overwhelms the viewer with its beauty. The hair is lushly sculpted, with flowers shining like precious jewels, bringing the portrait to life. Traditional Chinese dress, often characterized by elegance and symbolism, has a deep-rooted history dating back thousands of years. Although the term "kimono" refers specifically to the traditional clothing of Japan, China has its own rich tradition of robes that are similar in aesthetic and meaning.

The colors and designs of these traditional Chinese robes often carry deep symbolism and meaning. Black and white hues, for example, can represent contrast and balance, while the addition of beads and other embellishments enriches the garments with symbols of good fortune, prosperity and prosperity.

Over the centuries, these traditional Chinese robes have reflected not only the evolution of fashion in China, but also the country's rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions. Their timeless beauty and symbolism continue to inspire and enchant even in modern times.

This painting is constructed from a careful layering of acrylic paint, with an initial thick textured layer applied to create depth and texture. Lush textures find their way throughout the painting, from the graceful hair to the detailed flowers, kimono and shimmering beaded necklace. The sides are also painted with the same attention, eliminating the need for a frame and allowing full attention to be focused on the artwork itself.

To finish, the portrait is personally signed by the artist and coated with a beautiful matte varnish, which not only protects against dirt and harmful UV rays, but also enhances the depth of the rich colors and increases the overall aesthetic of the painting.