Have your portrait painted

Commissioned portraits

Wagtmans uses acrylics to paint commissioned portraits of people, or possibly of animals, on the basis of a photograph. You get to choose the colour and the size of the painting. The price is dependent on the painting's size and level of detail. Wagtmans, can use different materials, if so desired, including various types of (glossy) rhinestones, as well as a thick texture to give the painting a distinctive look.

Commissioned portrait Jay Francis Tisjeboy Jay by Frank Wagtmans
Commissioned portrait for Jay Francis - Tisjeboy Jay, hand painted by Frank Wagtmans

Special features

A passionate portrait painter, Frank Wagtmans has many years of experience capturing the essence and beauty of the human form. Wagtmans paints with acrylic paint and loves using bright, vibrant colors to bring his works to life.

A portrait is a unique way to capture a person's personality and character. Whether it is a self-portrait, a portrait of a loved one, family or friends, his goal is to create a painting that captures not only the person's physical features, but also their inner spirit and personality.

Wagtmans' style is contemporary and expressive, with an emphasis on light, shadow and texture to add depth and dimension to his works. Wagtmans works closely with his clients to understand and integrate their vision and expectations into the painting. The result is always a unique and personal work of art that captures fond memories.

If you are looking for a unique and personal gift for someone special or just a beautiful piece of art for yourself, feel free to contact us for more information. Wagtmans is always willing to help you make a choice and answer any questions you may have. Together, a unique and beautiful portrait can then be created that will be cherished forever.


A work of art lives on many generations after you; therefore, it deserves the most professional approach!


A hand-painted portrait makes a wonderful gift and is a special way to capture your loved ones.


Wagtmans paints portraits from (high resolution) photographs. So you don't have to pose for the painting.


In collaboration with you, we strive for the best end result.

Roadmap for commissioned portraits

If you have any questions about the above step-by-step plan, please feel free to contact Wagtmans.