Commissioned Portraits by Frank Wagtmans

Unique Portraits with Passion and Experience

Frank Wagtmans, a passionate portrait painter with years of experience, offers custom portraits of both people and animals. His skill with acrylic paint, vibrant colors and attention to detail make his artwork unique and personal.

Your Story, Your Painting

A portrait is not just a representation of physical features; it is a unique way to capture a person's personality and character. Whether it is a self-portrait, a loved one, family or friends, Frank Wagtmans strives to create a painting that not only contains visual beauty, but also reflects the inner spirit and personality of the person being portrayed.

Contemporary Style, Expressive Depth

Wagtmans' style is contemporary and expressive, with an emphasis on color and texture to add depth and dimension to his artwork. Working closely with his clients, he integrates their vision and expectations into the painting, resulting in a unique and personal work of art that captures precious memories.

Commissioned portrait Jay Francis Tisjeboy Jay by Frank Wagtmans
Commissioned portrait for Jay Francis - Tisjeboy Jay, hand painted by Frank Wagtmans

Special features

How it Works

Rates and Guide Prices.

Rates for a custom portrait are carefully tailored to your preferences and determined during the personal consultation. As a guideline, below are some prices:


If you are looking for a unique and personal gift or a beautiful work of art for yourself, don't hesitate to get in touch. Frank Wagtmans is ready to guide you in creating a portrait that will be cherished forever. Together we can bring a masterpiece to life.


A work of art lives on many generations after you; therefore, it deserves the most professional approach!


A hand-painted portrait makes a wonderful gift and is a special way to capture your loved ones.


Wagtmans paints portraits from (high resolution) photographs. So you don't have to pose for the painting.


In collaboration with you, we strive for the best end result.

Roadmap Portrait on Assignment

Step 1. A Fusion of Ideas.

Our creative journey together begins with an inspiring conversation centered on your vision and ideas. My goal is to understand the essence of your portrait, and together we explore the world of styles to discover the most authentic work of art for you. During this process, we discuss your preferences, ranging from style and color to the perfect canvas size.

Step 2. Pricing

Having a commissioned portrait painting created is a unique and lasting choice, infused with carefully spent time and artistic experience. The price of your personal portrait depends on several factors, including canvas size, number of people, specific concepts and refinement of background details. Feel free to contact me for customized advice.

Step 3. Photography

Provide a clear, high-quality photograph of the person(s) to be portrayed. Consider a shot against a bright background, in which even the eyelashes are sharp and clearly visible when zooming in on the eyes. The most important requirement is that I can zoom in fully and still perceive clear detail. The clearer and sharper the photo, the better the result will be. I assess the photo material to check if it is sufficient to work with. If desired, I can visit in person to take the photo.

Step 4. Concept, Sketching, Composition.

After approval of any concept, I begin sketching the portrait to accurately capture the composition and proportions. During the creation, you remain informed, allowing us to evolve together towards the desired result.

Step 5. Painting Process: 2 to 8 Weeks

I get to work on the painting and keep you informed about the process and the result. Using acrylic paint, I offer flexibility in adding different materials and expressive paint textures, tailored to your artistic tastes. Creating a work of art takes between 2 and 8 weeks, depending on the subject matter and desired size. Once the painting is finished, you will receive a photo of the result. Any changes can still be made if necessary.

Step 6. Protective varnish

After your approval, I provide the portrait with a signature and a final coat of varnish. Adjustments are not possible after the varnish layer.

Step 7. Handover and Satisfaction

Upon completion, I hand over the artwork to you. When shipped, the painting is carefully packaged. Payment, including any shipping costs, must be made in advance. Optionally, I can deliver the painting to your home and hang it if desired.

For further questions, please feel free to contact me.