Colourful paintings of indigenous and traditional people

Exclusive collection of hand-painted artworks by Frank Wagtmans.

Frank Wagtmans and the predilection for the Indigenous people.

Frank Wagtmans has a great passion for portraying the indigenous people who are still living in the world today. Wagtmans wants to make a contribution to keep these unique people from being forgotten. With his large, colourful paintings, he wants to touch and excite the viewer in the hope that he himself will investigate. Each painting is completely hand painted and made on large canvases of very good quality. A portrait is always made from a photograph. Each portrait is drawn in pencil, after which it is built up step by step with acrylic paint. A portrait can have as many as 4 to 6 layers before it is finally completed. In conclusion, the painting is signed and varnished so that it can be preserved for a long time.

All the portraits of Frank Wagtmans are exclusive and only one unique copy of each painting exists.


All paintings are 100% hand-painted.

High-quality materials used.


Only one copy exists of each artwork.

Every painting is exclusive and personally signed by the artist.


Made with love and passion.

Every painting is a personal creation.