Kayan Long Neck Woman

Exclusive hand-painted painting of a Kayan giraffe woman

Kayan Long Neck Woman Painting


  • Series: World Portraits

  • Artist: © Frank Wagtmans

  • Technique: Acrylic Paint on Canvas

  • Materials: Gesso, Acrylic Paint, Varnish

  • Carrier: 100% linen canvas of 430g/m² and medium structure on a stretcher frame of FSC wood. The canvas has a 3-layer primer and is universally prepared. The canvas is stretched along the back. Sides are painted along. No frame needed.

  • Varnish: High gloss with UV filter

  • Orientation: Vertical

  • Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 200 x 150 x 4 cm (78.74 x 59.06 x1.57 inch)

  • Exclusive: Only one copy exists

  • Availability: Available

Kayan Woman Painting Frank Wagtmans
Exclusive painting of a Kayan giraffe woman completely hand painted by Frank Wagtmans.


Another immense canvas with a stunning portrait of a special inhabitant of our beautiful earth. This time it is a portrait of a Kayan woman. These women are known for wearing many copper rings around their necks. The application of these rings begins at a young age and increases as they grow older. The portrait is composed of many layers of acrylic paint with a rich array of colours boldly applied against each other. The colours yellow, red, blue, green, brown, white, orange, pink, and black appear in the portrait. The portrait also includes thicker paint and paste textures to give it more reality. This artistic painting has a size of 200 x 150 cm. The canvas is painted through on the sides, so no frame is needed. In conclusion, the painting is signed and varnished with a beautiful high gloss varnish layer.


  • High quality materials used

  • Easy to hang: Framing is not necessary

  • Acrylic varnish protects the beauty of this work

  • Canvas without frame

  • The sides of the artwork are also painted

  • Personally signed by the artist

The painting process

Kayan Woman Painting Frank Wagtmans
Kayan Woman Painting Frank Wagtmans
Kayan Woman Painting Frank Wagtmans
Kayan Woman Portrait Frank Wagtmans
Kayan Woman Portrait Frank Wagtmans
Kayan Woman Portrait Frank Wagtmans


Origin of the Kayan

The inhabitants of Kayan are found in Burma's largest city, Shan. They belong to the Red Karen ethnic minority group. In the late 1980s and early 1980s, they faced problems with Burma's military regime. This led to their flight to Thailand. Within the minority group there are several other groups like Kayan Lahwi, Kayan ka Khouang. Kayan Letha, etc. The best known group is Kayan Lahwi. Known for the tradition of the elongated neck and copper rings.

Mystery behind copper rings worn by the Kayan women

From the age of five, the Kayan women start wearing copper rings. The tradition is most common in Kayan Lahwi or women from Padong. With advancing age, the number of rings increases. Over time, the rings become an integral part of the body and women hardly remove them. They believe that it would be wrong to remove the rings. Only when longer spirals are needed or bruises on the collarbone have to be treated, the neck rings are removed.

Myths behind the Kayans wearing copper rings

There are few myths explaining why the Kayan women wear those rings around the neckline. It is said to have to do with:

  1. Sign of both wealth and beauty,

  2. Armour to prevent tiger bites,

  3. To prevent them from appearing attractive to men from other ethnic groups.

Large painting Kayan Woman

Short video: Making a painting by Frank Wagtmans