Large colourful portrait of a Maori

Large colourful portrait of a Maori

Large colourful portrait of a Maori.



This majestic portrait of a Maori warrior from New Zealand is a vibrant celebration of the rich Maori culture. Infused with a palette of intense colors - from warm orange and deep green to earthy browns, lush purples, royal violet, vivid red/brown, deep black, and enchanting blue - the painting exudes life and energy. With dimensions of 200x150x4 cm, this artwork is not only imposing in size but also in its ability to captivate the viewer's attention.

The emphasis on the Tā moko, the ancient facial tattoo, reinforces the cultural identity of the Maori. This permanent adornment of the face is not merely an artistic choice but a deeply rooted tradition that often reflects the life story and status of the portrayed individual. The choice of carving and scratching as a technique not only provides visual depth to the painting but also a tangible relief, setting it apart.

The sides of the painting have been painted with the same meticulous care, eliminating the need for a frame and directing full attention to the artwork itself. The subtle gloss of the varnish not only serves to protect the artwork but also enhances the intensity of the colors, adding an extra dimension.

This masterful Maori portrait is not just an artwork; it is a tribute to the deep-rooted heritage and ancient traditions of the New Zealand Maori. It invites the viewer to connect with the rich culture and history of this unique population.

Maori Portrait Painting by Frank Wagtmans
Exclusive painting of a Maori completely hand painted by Frank Wagtmans.
Maori Portrait Painting by Frank Wagtmans
Maori Portrait Painting by Frank Wagtmans


The painting process

Short video: Making a painting by Frank Wagtmans