Colourful paintings of indigenous and traditional people.

Exclusive collection of hand-painted artworks by Frank Wagtmans.

Frank Wagtmans and the predilection for the Indigenous people.

Frank Wagtmans has a great passion for portraying the indigenous people living in the world today. He wants to capture the cultural diversity with its own traditions, use of clothing and body decorations on canvas. With his paintings Wagtmans shows how special, beautiful and diverse humanity is with all its different cultures. In the Western world, indigenous peoples are looked down upon. They are called backward and primitive. Wagtmans admires them precisely for their dignity, their simplicity, and their strength.

Each painting is completely hand painted and made on large canvases of very good quality. A portrait is always created from a photograph. Each portrait is first drawn up with pencil, then built up step by step with acrylic paint. A portrait can have as many as 4 to 6 layers before it is finally finished. Finally, the painting is signed and varnished for long preservation.

All hand painted portraits by Frank Wagtmans are exclusive and only one unique copy of each painting exists.

Recent works

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Chinese Woman portrait painting

150 x 100 cm

Geisha portrait painting

200 x 140 cm

Kayan Woman portrait painting

200 x 150 cm

Papuan Man portrait painting

200 x 140 cm

Maori man portrait painting

200 x 150 cm

Indian Sadhu portrait painting

150 x 100 cm