Papuan Man Portrait Painting

Portrait of a traditional inhabitant of Papua New Guinea

Papuan Man Painting by Frank Wagtmans
Hand-painted painting of a Papuan man by Frank Wagtmans.



This large, unique portrait of an inhabitant of Papua New Guinea is a real eye-catcher for any modern interior. The portrait is painted with a large colour palette including blue, red, orange, white, yellow, green, brown and black. The portrait is shown enlarged with direct eye contact to the viewer. The Papuan is painted with many layers of acrylic paint, in which the colours subtly run into each other or are tightly bound together. Here and there, the thickness of the paint has been applied to make the portrait more lively. The canvas has a size of 200 x 140 cm. The signature of Wagtmans was applied with a paint tube, making it clear for the future. In conclusion, the whole thing is sealed off with a beautiful high-gloss varnish layer.

Papuan Man Painting by Frank Wagtmans
Hand-painted portrait of a Papuan man by Frank Wagtmans | Dimensions: 200 x 140 cm.


In this impressive painting of a traditional inhabitant of Papua New Guinea, the authentic facial adornment emerges as a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of this unique people. Crafted with acrylic paint on a monumental canvas measuring 200x140 cm, the artwork breathes life into a palette of vibrant colors and strategically applied thick paint textures, creating tangible depth and texture.

In this visual symphony, the traditional facial adornments of the portrayed figure are depicted with care and respect. Each brushstroke seems to tell a story, each color carries the vibrant history of Papua New Guinea. The thick paint textures, like relief on the canvas, invite the viewer to explore not only with the eyes but also with the sense of touch to discover the complexity of the culture.

The facial adornments, an essential part of Papua New Guinean culture, bear deeper meanings and symbols. They often serve as identity markers, where each pattern, line, and color holds specific significance within the social and spiritual context of the community. These embellishments are not only artistic expressions but also narrate tales of connection, heritage, and personal histories.

Papua New Guinea, a country spanning the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, is a treasure trove of cultural diversity. With over 800 indigenous languages and a fascinating array of traditions, it is a vibrant patchwork of tribes, each with their own unique ways of life. Traditional Papua culture venerates nature, with rituals, dances, and artistic expressions serving as means to find harmony between humans and their environment.

This painting captures not only the individual portrait of a Papua inhabitant but serves as a window into the profound cultural richness of Papua New Guinea. The colors dance like stories, and the thick paint adds dimension to the history being told. The canvas is a tribute to the vitality of Papua culture, where tradition and modern expression converge in a visual symphony that tantalizes the senses.