Portrait of an Asian Woman

Hand-painted painting of an Asian Woman

Painting of an Asian woman by Frank Wagtmans
Hand-painted portrait of an Asian woman.



A beautiful, hand-painted portrait of an elegant Asian lady dressed in a traditional kimono, with an impressive size of 150x100 cm.

Handcrafted with loving precision, this unique work of art is an enchanting eye-catcher for any interior. The portrait is enriched with various lush paint textures, which are especially noticeable in the refined details of the hair and kimono, giving it a tangible reality. The composition also includes multiple layers of transparent acrylic paint, carefully applied for a depth effect and subtlety in color. A harmonious palette of warm tones lends the portrait a natural and warm feel.

The traditional kimono, steeped in symbolism and beauty, takes on an enchanting look with warm dark red, ochre yellow and sienna, embellished with stitching of gold.

The deep, rich red, a color often associated with vitality and passion, carries an aura of elegance and strength. This color symbolizes not only love and courage, but also the vibrant energy of nature in its full bloom.

Ochre yellow adds a warm glow to the kimono, creating a sense of serenity and inner peace. A reflection of abundance and fertility, this color also exudes wisdom and enlightenment, making it a symbol of inner harmony.

Sienna, with its deep, earthy brown tones, adds a touch of the natural world to the kimono. Associated with the stability of the earth and the timelessness of the land, this color brings a sense of connection to nature and its cycles.

The addition of stitching of gold elevates the kimono to a true work of art. The gold, a symbol of wealth, purity and divinity, shines like rays of the sun, giving the kimono an aura of luxury and sophistication. This stitching reflects not only craftsmanship, but also the brilliance of Japanese culture and its ancient traditions. Together, these elements form a stunning creation that not only stimulates the senses, but also the deeper meanings and values of Japanese aesthetics and spirituality.

The frame of the artwork is integrated into the painting itself, with carefully co-painted sides, allowing it to be hung directly on the wall without further additions. The portrait is personally signed by the artist and coated with a matte varnish to protect against dirt and harmful UV rays, allowing the work to retain its beauty through the test of time.

Painting of an Asian woman by Frank Wagtmans
Painting of an Asian woman by Frank Wagtmans



Creative Expression: Hand-painted paintings embody the purest form of artistic expression. Every brushstroke, color choice, and minute detail is a direct translation of the artist's deep-seated creativity and emotion, resulting in a unique work of art infused with personality.

Craft Mastery: Crafting hand-painted art requires skill, patience, and unparalleled dedication. Artists spend hours, days, sometimes weeks, perfecting each piece, showcasing mastery visible in the finesse of every brushstroke and the original details.

Exclusivity as a Trademark: Hand-painted artwork is, by definition, unique, making you the owner of something inimitable. This exclusivity not only creates a bond between the viewer and the artwork but also provides a sense of ownership that goes beyond mere aesthetics.

Profound Personal Meaning: Hand-painted works of art often carry profound personal meaning, both for the artist and the owner. They serve as emotional anchors, evoking memories and forming a unique connection that adds value to the art.

Authentic Art Experience: Owning a hand-painted artwork offers an authentic experience. The texture, nuances, and subtle movements of the brushstrokes come to life in a tangible way, allowing the viewer to experience a deep and direct connection with the artwork.

Diversity in Creativity: Hand-painted art encompasses a wide range of styles, techniques, and themes, offering every art lover something to discover. This creative diversity makes hand-painted artwork versatile and appealing to a broad audience.

At a time when mass production and reproduction reign supreme, hand-painted paintings offer an unparalleled opportunity to experience art that excels in originality, emotion, and creativity. They are not only an integral part of the art world but also provide a tangible bridge to the artist's vision and creativity.