Painting of an Asian Woman

Hand-painted portrait of an Asian Woman

Hand-painted portrait of an Asian woman
Hand-painted portrait of an Asian woman.



In Frank Wagtmans' masterful artwork, the enchanting beauty of an Asian lady comes to life. Cloaked in a beautifully decorated kimono crafted with metallic acrylic paint, the portrait shines majestically. Measuring 150x100 cm, this artwork is the result of a profound creative process, where multiple layers of acrylic paint were applied with extreme precision and dedication.

This painting is truly one-of-a-kind, made entirely by hand and testifying to mastery. Using adept brushstrokes and thoughtful techniques, Wagtmans has accentuated certain parts of the portrait with thick textured paint, creating an impressive depth and tangibility. What makes this work of art even more unique is the treatment of the sides with a special craquelé technique, creating an intriguing crack pattern that adds an extra dimension to the whole.

The color palette is sublime, consisting of a harmonious array of natural tones. The background is infused with a sophisticated combination of green and brown tones, immersing the viewer in an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. This masterpiece by Wagtmans represents a beautiful fusion of traditional and contemporary art, reflecting the depth of the human soul in all its splendor and mystery.

Hand-painted portrait of an Asian woman
Painting of an Asian woman by Frank Wagtmans



Creative Expression: Hand-painted paintings embody the purest form of artistic expression. Every brushstroke, color choice, and minute detail is a direct translation of the artist's deep-seated creativity and emotion, resulting in a unique work of art infused with personality.

Craft Mastery: Crafting hand-painted art requires skill, patience, and unparalleled dedication. Artists spend hours, days, sometimes weeks, perfecting each piece, showcasing mastery visible in the finesse of every brushstroke and the original details.

Exclusivity as a Trademark: Hand-painted artwork is, by definition, unique, making you the owner of something inimitable. This exclusivity not only creates a bond between the viewer and the artwork but also provides a sense of ownership that goes beyond mere aesthetics.

Profound Personal Meaning: Hand-painted works of art often carry profound personal meaning, both for the artist and the owner. They serve as emotional anchors, evoking memories and forming a unique connection that adds value to the art.

Authentic Art Experience: Owning a hand-painted artwork offers an authentic experience. The texture, nuances, and subtle movements of the brushstrokes come to life in a tangible way, allowing the viewer to experience a deep and direct connection with the artwork.

Diversity in Creativity: Hand-painted art encompasses a wide range of styles, techniques, and themes, offering every art lover something to discover. This creative diversity makes hand-painted artwork versatile and appealing to a broad audience.

At a time when mass production and reproduction reign supreme, hand-painted paintings offer an unparalleled opportunity to experience art that excels in originality, emotion, and creativity. They are not only an integral part of the art world but also provide a tangible bridge to the artist's vision and creativity.

Frank Wagtmans with his paintings of Asian women
Frank Wagtmans with his paintings of Asian women