Indian Sadhu Portrait Painting

Large hand-painted painting of a Yogi from India

Sadhu Portrait Painting by Frank Wagtmans
Indian Sadhu Portrait Painting by Frank Wagtmans



Colourful Sadhus Series: These large portrait paintings are characterized by the wide range of colours used in combination with the characteristic faces of these people. A lot of time and attention has been spent on carefully capturing every little detail with the brush. If, for example, one takes a closer look at the dreadlocks, one discovers that each hair is a brush stroke and that these are sometimes depicted on a thicker paint structure, giving the hair mass more volume, more realism. As always, the faces are built up of many layers of transparent acrylic paint, in which different colours are flawlessly woven together. This unique painting technique is characteristic of Frank Wagtmans' style of painting. The sides of the paintings are also painted, so that no frame is needed and the canvas can be hung immediately. Finally, each painting is signed and varnished for longevity.