Portrait of an Asian Woman

Hand-painted painting of an Asian Woman

Hand painted painting of an Asian woman
Hand painted painting of an Asian woman.



Frank Wagtmans has created a masterful portrait in which the beauty of an Asian lady shines in a beautifully decorated kimono crafted with metallic acrylic paint. This majestic work of art measures 150x100 cm and is the result of a profound process in which multiple layers of acrylic paint were applied on top of each other with extreme precision and dedication.

This painting is an absolute one-of-a-kind, painted entirely by hand and exudes craftsmanship. Wagtmans has used adept brushstrokes and carefully selected techniques to accentuate parts of the portrait with thick textured paint, creating an impressive depth and tactility in the artwork.

The color palette is sublime, consisting of a harmonious array of natural tones. The background is infused with a sophisticated combination of gray, green and brown tones, immersing the viewer in an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. Frank Wagtmans has bridged the gap between traditional and contemporary art with this masterpiece, creating a work of art that reflects the depth of the human soul in all its splendor and mystery.

Asian Woman Portrait Painting by Frank Wagtmans
Asian Woman Portrait Painting by Frank Wagtmans


The art of uniqueness: Hand-painted paintings in the spotlight

Artistic expression: Hand-painted artwork is the direct result of the artist's creative expression. Each brush stroke, color choice and detail reflect the artist's personal vision and emotion, making each work unique.

Unique Mastery: Hand-painted art requires skill, patience and dedication. Artists spend hours, days, or even weeks perfecting a single piece, resulting in a high level of mastery and originality.

Exclusivity: Because hand-painted artwork is unique, you own something no one else has. This exclusivity can create a deeper connection between the viewer and the artwork.

Personal value: Hand-painted artworks can have profound personal meaning for both the artist and the owner. They can evoke memories, express emotions and form a personal connection.

Authentic art experience: Owning a hand-painted artwork offers an authentic art experience, where you can appreciate the texture, brushstrokes and nuances of the painting in their original form.

Creative diversity: Hand-painted art can encompass a wide range of styles, techniques and subjects, so there is something for every taste and preference.

In an age where mass production and reproductions dominate, hand-painted paintings offer a unique opportunity to experience art that is incomparable in terms of originality, emotion and creativity. They are an essential part of the art world and offer a tangible connection to the artist and his or her vision.


The first sketch is applied here.

Thick textured paint is added to create more depth in the portrait.

A detailed image of the beautifully decorated kimono.

The thick textured lines in the kimono can be seen and felt.

The eyes are embellished with striking makeup and look directly at the viewer.

Finally, the painting is varnished with a matte varnish for long-term protection.